The eight annuel natural celebrations


Winter solstice, the Jul (or Yule) festivall
Imbolc, the celebration of 1 February
Spring equinox, Easter
May Day, Beltane
Summer solstice
Lugnasad, the celebretion of the grain harvest
Autumn equinox
Samhain, the remembrance of the dead and the saints

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September 21st, autumn equinox

Like at the time of the spring equinox, the day and night are of equal lengths. The autumn equinox is associated with the west, the direction in which the sun sets. The west, where the sun goes down and daylight ends, is also associated with the end of life. This festival inaugurates a time when people finish projects and prepare for winter.
Fruits and nuts are gathered at the end of nature’s productive cycle. This is a time of balance, when garden produce and the results of the fruit harvest and enjoyed. The grape harvest is also celebrated. All these festivities mark the end of nature’s productive cycle.


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