The eight annuel natural celebrations


Winter solstice, the Jul (or Yule) festivall
Imbolc, the celebration of 1 February
Spring equinox, Easter
May Day, Beltane
Summer solstice
Lugnasad, the celebretion of the grain harvest
Autumn equinox
Samhain, the remembrance of the dead and the saints


           Bruegel Ancien - le moisson

Pieter Bruegel the Elder, the gran harvers (detail), 1565.


August 1st, Lugnasad, festival of the grain harvest and of the trades, arts and crafts

The sun is in all its glory at the time of Lugnasad. It is worshipped through a festival of the sacred grain and of its golden harvest, which produces magnificent sheaves of wheat and oats. Nature’s abundance is also fêted in connection with the summer fruit harvest. This is also the time when the trades, the arts and crafts, commerce, and fairs are celebrated. Entertainment includes acrobatic games, eloquence and poetry contests. The entire community gathers together at this time. Community togetherness is a particular emphasis of the Lugnasad festivities.


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